It’s Getting Hot In Here

After 5 days at Cape Canaveral, FL it was time for Ft. Lauderdale.  Our park is called Yacht Haven, and we are parked across the road from a small portion of Marina Mile – WOW!!  Our first day here was so hot we had to wait until around 6 pm to take a walk – – and GAWK. John has some solid knowledge about boating in general, from a lifetime of cottaging and also from his last 10 years of work – he estimated some of them are worth between $40M – $100M.  WHAT?!

IMG_2278These views from our “front yard” were amazing!


This is the first time on this trip we’ve stayed 2 full weeks.  We met a few people, dropped into the clubhouse for coffee & treats twice so far, and attacked the bookshelf/library.


They asked us to please NOT return the books we’ve borrowed, so we’ll use them at future parks where “take one/leave one” is a bit stricter.

John went kayaking, and on 3 bike rides, but I’m more of an indoor and A/C cat, so my knitting is coming along.

We enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 22, with our friends of 25+ years, who have a condo about an hour away. It was the first time we’d properly entertained guests, we had a blast – and we realized we have NO serving dishes! Think of a buffet for four, with 2 cereal bowls of mashed potatoes!

The next Sunday we went on a 2 hour (honest!!) kayak ride. We saw so many yachts and fancy homes, I sometimes forgot to paddle!!


Funny enough, it was the iguanas that I really fussed over. They’re so cute!!


Heading South Quickly

This year we made a different plan than last year.  In order to escape the chill of late October, we zipped south like classic Snowbirds do.  One night each in Cortland, NY, Winchester, VA, Raleigh, NC and finally 6 nights in Jekyll Island, GA. Jekyll Island is a historic and gorgeous place, where we did some sight-seeing and I rode my bike twice – and received a few hilarious wise-cracks on Instagram, haha!

Staying one night in one place isn’t as great as settling in for a few days/weeks, and a bit confusing.  Once John asked me to take out the garbage, and I headed straight across the street.  Shaking his head slowly, he said,  “um, it’s behind us?”..

Next was Cape Canaveral, FL, where we saw huge cruise ships coming in and and out which was very exciting since we are going on our first cruise this December! We went to a great little waterside restaurant, where charter fishing boats docked, and we could taste the freshness in our meals!

This is where we also had sunshine during rain, and Romo helped with mapping for our next leg. Apparently, it tired him out!




Hi! It’s 8 Months Later…

When I last posted in February, our son and his fiancee had just visited us in San Antonio, TX.  Between running out of steam/wifi, this blog just faded away – – pfffft….

** This year the blog is NEW & IMPROVED, with MORE PHOTOS, LESS WORDS, along with my Instagram account: @stephanie.reid152** 

We left on Wed, Oct 31, and this update for family and friends who may still be interested in how RV Trip #1 ended.  Apparently, I can be “wordy” – I’m talking to you, TS!

Galveston Pleasure Pier with Emily & Gary

In late February, Emily and her fiancé Gary, visited us in Galveston, TX. We enjoyed pirate-themed mini golf, the Historic Pleasure Pier, the midway, and the artwork near the seawall and under the pier.


We made a few hundred trips to Ulta, Target, CVS because Emily is just as excited about all the crazy US-only products and snacks as I am. One morning we had a yogurt taste-test, including wierd flavours like salted caramel, S’mores, and toasted marshmallow!


We killed ’em at shuffleboard at the RV park (thanks to Canadian curling for 7 years?), had rooftop patio drinks, and relaxed in the sun.


After the kids left, we met a wonderful couple, which was truly a fortunate blessing, We had a sad family emergency, and they took care of our cats & rig while we flew home for 8 days. We still keep in touch and hope to meet up with these kind folks in Florida this winter.

In early April, we went to Graceland.  Neither of us is a serious Elvis fan, but after the trip we’d both answer “GRACELAND!” when asked for a highlight.  I took 358 photographs (those are the good ones) in the 5 hours we were on the grounds.  The house tour is one part, and the exhibits are a whole other world.  It is SO interesting, and well done!


Our last US stop was another fascinating one – unplanned, and last-minute. In  Williamstown, KY, there is an amazing life-size replica of Noah’s Ark! We spent 4 hours looking around – again, we were amazed (woodwork!). This was another ‘must see’!

The life-size Noah’s Ark replica

Our wonderful house-sitting friend had started to pack up his homemade kombucha, as we spent the last few days of April in Milton, ON (not far from Emily). On May 1, we pulled into our driveway.

Summer 2018 came and went and John went on a few fishing/boys’ cottage trips. I enjoyed seeing friends and family we’d missed, and catching up with my pal, Monsieur Netflix  :o)

Around mid-October this year, someone (who is not me) started to fling maps around the spare room, download satellite imagery (which look like ultrasounds to me), and the adventure began for a second year…

Stay tuned :o)