It’s Getting Hot In Here

After 5 days at Cape Canaveral, FL it was time for Ft. Lauderdale.  Our park is called Yacht Haven, and we are parked across the road from a small portion of Marina Mile – WOW!!  Our first day here was so hot we had to wait until around 6 pm to take a walk – – and GAWK. John has some solid knowledge about boating in general, from a lifetime of cottaging and also from his last 10 years of work – he estimated some of them are worth between $40M – $100M.  WHAT?!

IMG_2278These views from our “front yard” were amazing!


This is the first time on this trip we’ve stayed 2 full weeks.  We met a few people, dropped into the clubhouse for coffee & treats twice so far, and attacked the bookshelf/library.


They asked us to please NOT return the books we’ve borrowed, so we’ll use them at future parks where “take one/leave one” is a bit stricter.

John went kayaking, and on 3 bike rides, but I’m more of an indoor and A/C cat, so my knitting is coming along.

We enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 22, with our friends of 25+ years, who have a condo about an hour away. It was the first time we’d properly entertained guests, we had a blast – and we realized we have NO serving dishes! Think of a buffet for four, with 2 cereal bowls of mashed potatoes!

The next Sunday we went on a 2 hour (honest!!) kayak ride. We saw so many yachts and fancy homes, I sometimes forgot to paddle!!


Funny enough, it was the iguanas that I really fussed over. They’re so cute!!


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