Everglades and Robert’s Milkshakes

On one of the first days of December we toured boardwalk path, of the 1.5 million acres of wetlands that make up the Florida Everglades National Park. The alligators were out in the sunshine, and at least one looked like he was at the dentist. A few had “crossed the road” (paved path) to the dry side! We saw two babies (3 inches, at most), and heard a Park Ranger tell a group of kids that she’d been doing this for 2 years and had never seen a baby before!! Isn’t swampland beautiful?



After this kind of sight-seeing we went to see about the milkshakes at Robert Is Here.  I’d been calling it “Bob’s Not Here” for a couple of hours, haha. We chose one of the 21 flavours, all made with fresh fruit – and it was delicious, along with our first ever Cubano (famous cuban sandwich).


What a neat place! Part cafe, part market, part petting zoo and a historical sight for old aircrafts and vehicles.  We got a lesson in Turtle Love, which was actually funny  – the male was squeaking like a mouse!!


Next up is another adventure – our first cruise!


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