Cruising, and New Friends at the Park

Although we’ve been enjoying the RV life, we had booked our first cruise many months ago, which is why we HAD to be in Miami during December. On December 8 we met our daughter*, her fiancé, plus his parents and my Energizer Bunny Mother-in-Law to board the Norwegian Bliss.


We ate too much, tried new drinks (cucumber jalepeño mojito!), and danced to a different genre of music almost daily. We enjoyed great entertainment and partied at the ‘80’s Retro Dance like we were 19 (hehe, hello 1985).




The food was excellent and (too) abundant. We were both craving an apple as we pulled into the RV park – what might that tell you, haha?

It was a great experience, and we connected with our future in-laws in a warm and wonderful way – and generally had a blast!

* Special thanks to Cruise Director, Emily Reid for organizing this wacky group of 7!


Back on land, our site at Larry and Penny Thompson Campground was excellent, and situated in such a way that we saw everyone (and every dog) walk by multiple times a day.  From our small buddies who were full-timing with their parents, to the wise and experienced couple across the street, everyone was so nice and welcoming.  Jim and Audrey had so much to teach and tell us, as they’ve been RVing for 30 years!  At 90, Audrey was perky and fun, and Jim knew all the best spots.  They took us to lunch at their favourite diner, where Jim likes to “aggravate” the servers, haha! On our 2nd last day, the mom of the two tiny buddies actually bought and gave us an Instant Pot cookbook! The kindness of campers is one-of-a-kind!!




Next up for January, Venice, FL.

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