Venice, FL

We spent the month of January in Venice, FL, at a park which was similar to a vacation all-inclusive.  There were the usual Snow Birds, plus a lot of families who either spent the season there, or were full-timers (home-schooling is very popular with RV families).  The town of Venice was also very “vacation-y”, and we enjoyed browsing/lunching on the main strip, which had some very interesting shops and restaurants.

IMG_7702.jpgThis park had a lot to offer: weekend food trucks, a huge library, weekly woodworking, karaoke, water aerobics, and a free welcome dinner to kick off the season.  I went to a flea market, made friendship bracelets with 5 of the “football kids” (see below), and John got into his woodworking – which led us to a show where the National Woodworking Champion was teaching a course!  John kept up with his cycling, and even saw an alligator ON the path (said it was not much different than a log, lol).

IMG_7842.jpg  IMG_7590.jpg  IMG_7827.jpg

All the families we met were really super.  The kids were polite, calm and mature – and then, home-schooling let out around 2:30, haha.  At first I enjoyed how sweet it was that a group of 4-9 kids were playing NFL RULES football on the street – just adorable.  Then the ball hit the rig.  Then again.  And once more.  John started to say that around 2 pm he was getting nervous because they were coming out to play soon, but it was such innocent fun, I’d watch for about an hour at a time.

As this was around halfway through our trip, it seemed one day as though John could be getting tired of all this togetherness.  We do spend most days together, but we have separate hobbies, and my go-to joke is “when we have a disagreement, one of us goes into the car with a cup of herbal tea for 15 minutes”, lol.  In the evenings our hobbies and “downloads” separate us happily for a couple of hours after dinner (unless Triple D is on!).  We do go out for lunch about twice a month, and in downtown Venice, John found this pillow’s saying hilarious.  I laughed out loud, so that must be a good sign.


RV sites generally range from luxurious to “we can’t even put out 2 chairs, as the next rig is so close”.  One day we met Jade, a huge Goldiepoodle, because we had to move some of our outdoor belongings (ONLY our picnic table, stand-alone hammock, chairs, and carpet, lol) in order for her owners to drive their golf cart onto their toy hauler, so they could leave. This park did NOT have spacious sites, and 3 of us were oddly connected to the electrical pedestals near the rear of our rigs!

We gladly watched the couple’s two little boys, while the parents worked, and they put a hat on Romo, and told us we should visit them in “United-States-of-America-which-is-in-Michigan” – so cute!  Oh, and  Jade, the Goldiepoodle, has 2 -inch eyelashes, which must be TRIMMED monthly!!

Venice was great, and next up is Frostproof, FL for the month of February!  Yes, Tim, I know I’m way behind..