Kissimmee in March (that’s not a request)

On March 1, we arrived at Tropical Palms RV Resort in Kissimmee, FL, which is very close to Orlando and all the theme parks.  We went to karaoke night, watched the dramatic rescue of a flock of baby ducklings while we paused our mini-golf game, and cycled in near-by Celebration a couple of more times. There was a library and a gym, plus a snack bar at the pool.  The hot tip on onion rings was right on!  Mostly we’d walk the mile to Old Town (quite a few times), which was interesting and fun – plus March in Kissimmee had some of the hottest weather so far.

IMG_8245   IMG_8243.jpeg

Old Town is an outdoor shopping mall and entertainment area, like a tiny olden days town. It’s been around since 1986, but feels more like 1956, with the interesting and old-fashioned shopping, restaurants, bars, attractions, and rides.

IMG_8222.jpeg  IMG_8479.jpeg

We’re still talking about a pizza we had at an Old Town restaurant (honey drizzled over greens and salty olives?!!), and all the food trucks you could imagine.  We walked there on two separate evenings for a Classic Car show and a Muscle Car show. There were unique souvenir shops, and we took some photos of wood carvings that John thinks he just may get around to carving – one day.

Processed with MOLDIV  Processed with MOLDIV

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March was a great example of many days that were too hot to be outside at all.  I caught up on my crafts, John downloaded a few shows, and one SUPERFUN (for me!) thing we did at the Crayola Experience in an Orlando mall, was make our own colouring page.


John also went with relatives to famous Weeki Wachee River, where they kayaked in clear water and saw beautiful underwater scenery.  I was meant to go, but flew home at the last minute for a family emergency.

IMG_8824.jpg  IMG_8825.jpg

I returned to a different airport than the one from which I left John, because he moved himself and the 2 cats (and did all the packing, navigating and unpacking) alone to Jacksonville, FL.  That’s how we started April, and we’re done with the month-long stays.  Our last few weeks coming up next.







Frostproof, FL – Busiest Month Yet!

The month of February was special for two reasons.  First, our good friends, C and K came to visit us and check out the RV life, and second – it was our busiest month yet! 

On Feb 2, our friends arrived, just in time for Super Bowl.  We have a running joke with C because she is so little, that we HAD to try Costco’s Kirkland vodka – the bottle is almost bigger than she is lol. (No, we did not finish it that weekend!!)


With a long-planned Super Bowl snacky meal, John and K enjoyed the game and their American beer.  C and I laughed and shared drinks in my “office” (bedroom, with iPad fun, and lots of laughs).  C and K got us started playing pool, and after they left, John and I must have played 20 more times after they left, and I only won once.We had a great time with our friends, even though the weekend was short!!

We met relatives for scenic cycling in Celebration, FL, which is a neat little town, created by Walt Disney, which you can guess when you see how beautiful and perfect the streets and houses are – another happiest place on earth? We also made a lot of 4-legged friends, passing so many pups being walked.  I can’t forget the Sandhill Cranes walking around like they owned the place – each time we saw them we’d laugh at their goofy gait.


We finally met up with old friends and had a 3-hour visit during a restaurant lunch, and and then a 2-hour McCoffee  visit (we’re those old folks now).  This wonderful couple watched our rig and our cats when we had a family emergency last year in March, and we hadn’t seen them in over a year.  It was non-stop chatter and laughter, and we’re meeting up again this April in Raleigh!


In Frostproof we met another lovely couple from Missouri, and with them saw a Willie & Waylon tribute band that were excellent (except Willie wasn’t quite as skinny as the real thing lol), played Bocce ball, and tried to learn Bunko (fail). Yet another couple brought us some famous cinnamon muffins and shared their recipe for Chicken Dianne and I thanked them with a batch of homemade cookies.  The RV life is really very friendly.  By coincidence, my cousin and 12 of her husband’s relatives were in nearby Davenport for the Daytona 500, and we spent a day with them in their luxury rental house (3 master bedrooms, house sleeps 14!). This was a wonderful coincidence.

We enjoyed Bok Tower, a 250-acre garden, complete with a 205-foot tall Singing Tower with its carillon bells, which is a bell-type instrument of which there are only about 600 in the whole world.

One last neat thing we did was Spook Hill, an oddity of nature (..or..just science?), which is a small downhill-pointing road you park on, put the car in neutral, and watch as you roll backwards, UPHILL!

Frostproof revealed itself to be lovely and more than frost-proof.  I took these shots one day around sunset, and am glad to have this memory of one of our best months so far.

February was busy in Frostproof, FL (if you ever go there, you must try Frostbite, the 50’s diner which will have you looking for Fonzie!) but we also took time for the gym, baking, crafting and researching (good wifi for a change!).  We booked April from this park, which will lead us to Charleston, SC, to Raleigh, NC, and then right on home by May 1.

Next up, Kissimmee, FL.  KissIMMee, if you want to sound local!