Year III – Enjoying the Journey

On November 1, 2019 we finally crossed the US border. 

We spent mostly 1 or 2 nights on the road, since we had to be in Arlington, TX for American Thanksgiving for a Dallas Cowboys (NFL) game.  We enjoyed natural rustic parks in Northern Michigan and mid Indiana, then walked the Clinton Bridge in Little Rock, AR. 

These parks were tame compared to the Cajun Palms RV Resort in Henderson, Louisiana.  Wooo-wee – when Alabama vs Louisiana State, everyone comes out!  We met the owner of the resort, and he was a fun guy – here are a few gems I had to note:

“The bar is called Leroy’s after my beloved bulldog.  He happens to be the twin of my ex-wife!”

“We pride ourselves on not allowing folks to get bored, so we have extra lawn mowers and weed whackers available for your use!

After this park, we tried something different, which was a Casino/RV Resort, still in LA.  They had a beautiful atrium in the hotel lobby and in the pond were about 20 alligators, which we watched at their weekly feeding time.  It was unusual, but they definitely surprised me with their cute “smiles” and sexy eyes, haha.  Also, I lost a whopping $14 on the “Makin’ Bacon” slot machine!

Beignets, when in N’Awlins!

Of course we had to try the famous New Orleans dessert while we were there.

Up next, Texas!

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