The end of November in Texas

When we entered Texas on November 25, the first park was a scenic campground.  We are members of 3 different discount groups, and this one is the most generous, allowing folks to camp for free (limitations apply), which we use occasionally to offset the fun and less frugal locations, which have more amenities and activities.  Our site was on the water, and we finally removed our hoodies. We played games and did puzzles/crafts in the evenings, and took walks during the days.  John even kayaked once.

This park seemed to be used like we would a cottage or a permanently parked mobile home/trailer in Ontario. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2998.jpg

At one point there were 6 little girls, all under 8-ish next door, and another 3 at a second site, and yet another at a third site.  These girls were heard at various times, and made us smile a lot:

“Hey, you guys, lets use these sticks as machetes and hunt the woods!”

“Hey, hey, how about, how about – HEY!!, I need help pulling up my pants, Mackenzie!”

(Parent): “OK, I still have 6 kids right?”

(Parent): “How many worms did you catch? REPLY: “Does the one in my hair count?”

(Parent): “Who wants to ride around in the back of the pick up? No, leave the machetes.”

On November 26, we were excited to enter Arlington, TX.  After a quick sandwich in the bus, we headed to the best Walmart ever – full of Cowboy Fan Gear!!  Located a stone’s throw from AT&T Stadium, we loaded up on some gifts and souvenirs, and our “mantle” has never looked so good. 


Our friends arrived the next day, and everyone but me went to a tour of the Star (Cowboys training centre). That evening we enjoyed a cozy night in with homemade dinner.

On Thursday November 28, the gang went to the game super early.  They took helmets, stuffed animals, homemade art – and they got autographs!!  I enjoyed my crafts, napped with Romo (one of our cats), and watched the game – although it was a disappointing end for the Cowboys (booo..)


November has been wonderful so far – we’ve learned to enjoy the journey, not just pine for the destination.  It actually makes me think like that in real life – and I’m more grateful for what we do have, vs longing for what’s ahead!

Next,  it’s Arizona for 3 months!

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